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Who are Casterbridge?

Casterbridge is a forward looking property search and acquisition company situated in the heart of Dorset. Founded in 2004, Casterbridge offers a comprehensive and discreet service for clients wishing to purchase property within the Wessex region.

Casterbridge was established in order to address the imbalance between the service provided to the sellers and that of the purchaser. We at Casterbridge believe that the acquisition of a property should be managed in a professional and timely manner with the emphasis on both understanding fully the client requirement and the delivery of an exemplary service.

We believe that whilst there are many home search agents, few have the background in both the skills of negotiation and the high-level commercial experience that Casterbridge offers.

We believe that fully understanding the client’s needs, utilising the correct resources and our determination to deliver a superb service stands us apart from our competitors.

We never accept second-best